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tv   Nightline  ABC  January 2, 2018 12:37am-1:06am EST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, breakup boot camp. the new crop of businesses helping men and women to get over the one that got away. a luxurious healing the heart retreat where the newly single use meditation, yoga and alpacas to forget their exes. >> you guys are so sweet. >> plus dream closet on demand. the endless supply of designer clothes at your fingertips for a new low monthly fee. the fangs trend of renting your entire wardrobe. why owning clothes is going out of style. >> every woman in world will have a subscription to fashion. >> then -- mariah's redemption. staging a heroic comeback on
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dick clark's rocken new year's eve, the show stopping moment is everyone is talking about. but first, the "nightline" 5. number one in just 60
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nd good evening. thank you for joining us.
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tonight we take you inside the burgeoning business of breakups. apps and dating coaches teaching heartbroken singles to mingle again. there's something for everybody, whether you need a professional wingman to boost your pickup game or a cuddly farm animal to soften your soul. here's abc's lindsey davis. >> reporter: tonight ari, the race car driving bachelor, was introduced to the 29 young women who will be vying for his heart. but for eight of the contestants, their journey to find love on the show was over almost as quickly as it began. >> here i am without a rose, and it sucks. >> reporter: dating's alone comprise a $2 billion a year industry, but now breakups are becoming a booming opportunity. you can download a heart healing app called mend, send the lovelorne in your life a breakup
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box or a service that takes care of the dumping for you. but amy chan took it one step further. she's the founder of the renew breakup bootcamp, a one of a kind retreat specifically designed to heal the heart. they say that necessity is the mother of all invention. is that the case for you? >> yeah. so five years ago i was dating someone that i thought i was going to marry and spend the rest of my life with. when that relationship fell apart abruptly, i completely fell apart. and i realized that there needs to be something to help people who are going through this very pivotal stage in their life. >> reporter: the brochure for the camp reads like a five-star getaway. >> we have every type of healing practitioner there for you. pretty much everything to help people have a positive healing. >> reporter: a two-night stay will run you from 1,000 to $1750. but amy hopes the takeaway is priceless. >> so they've done studies to actually show that when you are going through a breakup, the
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part of your brain that's activated is the same part of a brain as a drug user. so you physically are in withdrawal. when you understand that, you can have hope that there's light at the end of the tunnel. >> we were told to bring a journal. here's my journal. >> reporter: looking for that light is 36-year-old prunik. >> i don't know what this is for. >> reporter: what about the notion that time heals all wounds? is that not enough? >> i haven't found the one. that's where i noticed that i had to dig deep and am i still holding on to things? am i still feeling pain from that breakup? have i learned every lesson that i needed to? >> reporter: she makes the trip to upstate new york for the retreat. she meets her fellow campers and the full-time residents. >> you guys are so sweet. look at their faces. >> open up gently. >> reporter: the weekend kicks off with a meditation session.
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>> you may notice that there's some spots of your chest that feel pain, stickiness, tightness, loneliness. >> i think right now they're acclimating, they're bonding, they're starting to get to know each other. >> reporter: now it's time to get down to business. in a group session, amy details her own journey. >> the darkness followed me, and this anger that followed me everywhere i went. >> reporter: then everyone takes a turn revealing their own pain. >> this is tough. okay. so my story is i dated someone about five years ago. i was in it, then he would just disappear. that was just crushing for me. i want love in abundance for myself. and i just don't want to have fear anymore. >> reporter: to help her reach that goal, amy has assembled a team of experts. even the menu is designed with heart healing in mind. >> oh, this is sorrow.
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>> reporter: forget drowning your sorrows in ben & jerry's or chardonnay. >> everybody's heard of the brain/gut connection. when you are depressed and you are brokenhearted, you need to really think of what you put in your body because you want to feel good. you want to be able to think clearly. >> reporter: and for the body, there's tantra. >> breathe. >> reporter: a type of yoga centered on emotional well-being. >> nourishing breath. exha exhale. >> after a breakup, you can tend to feel a little bit caved in, your posture. you can feel sadness in your heart and your body. so through different practices of the breath, through movement, sound, the shaking practice, it enables you to integrate all your heartbreak and your sorrow as opposed to just keeping it
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inside of you. >> put your left hand on your partner's heart and your right hand over it. >> reporter: of course, it's not only women who have to heal from heartbreak, and luckily there's help out there for the guys, too. thomas edwards is a professional wingman. >> the prototypical client is someone who has everything else in their life put together. but the one thing that's missing in their life is that someone to share this life with. >> reporter: another commonality, many of his clients are looking to bounce back after a breakup. >> when it comes to breakups, i think you'd be really surprised with how guys actually take them. our egos are really fragile. it's very, very difficult for them to go back out there. >> i've had pretty kind of intense relationships in the past. >> reporter: tonight he's working with his client vic at aselena. >> what's difficult did ffor yo? >> getting past my fears in the
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relationship or how things can go wrong. >> like not being good enough? >> yeah. >> that's common. what we'll do is teach you how to have the attractiveness of a bad boy but also be able to showcase that nice guy element. >> reporter: then thomas tags along as vic puts his teachings to the test at a party at 235th. as vic mixes and mingles, thomas stays close by to offer advice in realtime. >> he's -- i call it playing it too safe. if you're interested in one of them, make it known. get closer to them. be a little more flirty or even just them out outright. >> reporter: by the end of the night -- >> i thought you did good out there. >> reporter: they both call the evening a success. >> amazing because the advice i got was so great. >> reporter: back at amy's retreat, the weekend is coming to a close. the messages shared at the meeting shift from heartache to hope. >> when you look back, you'll see the development of your growth. now you're like, wow, i'm
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experiencing this completely difficult because i'm different. they're entering this next chapter of life knowing that there's so much possibility. >> reporter: and at the final one on one session, she's bubbling over with enthusiasm. >> so i know throughout this retreat we had asked you to focus on this one word. >> for me my one word was fearless. lived my life always being afraid. i feel free. i feel so inspired. most of all i feel in control. i think i'm definitely open and ready to find love. again for the first time for me, i have that confidence. so i'm definitely going to pick a different type of love and a love that i deserve. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm lindsey davis in new york. next, the new trend that has fashion fiends cleaning out their closets. how you can get more for less by renting your clothes. ♪ cleaning floors with a mop and bucket is a hassle,
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. if fashion is fleeting, then why should your wardrobe be permanent? that's the thinking behind the new craze of renting clothing renting thousands of outfits for a monthly fee. here's rebecca jarvis. >> i don't have a lot of time in the morning to be fussing over what i'm going to wear, but i want to look great. >> reporter: rachel jo silver is
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a fashionable business owner always looking for ways to cut costs. >> i love clothes but i don't love shopping. >> reporter: you'd never guess it from her wardrobe. this jacket more than $1,000. her top and tote another $1,000. the value of her outfit likely exceeds several thousand dollars. but that's not what she's paying, not even close. rachel rents her entire wardrobe through rent the runways unlimited service. >> so i know that i want a shirt. and like this is something maybe i would wear. >> reporter: for $159, you can rent designer clothes from a virtual closet delivered straight to your door. a little like cher's dream closet in the movie "clueless" minus the beverly hills mansion. so you have your pajamas, you have your bag from rent the runway, and this is what you have that's yours. >> yes. there's only ever three or four things in this apartment that i'm going to wear. i know exactly what they are and i see them and i put them on.
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>> reporter: the company got its start eight years ago renting out single dresses for special occasions. now attempting to revolutionize how we shop with its subscription service becoming a kind of netflix of fashion. >> i think between 10 and 15 years from now the closet will feel like a relic of the past just like a landline or a cd does today. >> reporter: jennifer hyman is the co-founder and the company's ceo. she's raised more than any other female-led start-up according to the company. how did you start rent the runway? >> i had the idea with my younger sister who had just purchased a very expensive designer dress to go to a wedding that she knew that she was only going to wear once. and that dress put her into credit card debt. a delightful moment of if all we want is to walk into an event and look great in an outfit we'll only wear once, why can't we rent clothes?
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>> reporter: jenny loved the idea and became her co-founder. >> i suggested we call or e-mail diane von fuerstenberg. we decided to write an e-mail at every variation of dvf and one went through. >> reporter: the e-mails scored them a meeting with the legendary fashion designer. >> the meeting started off terribly because she hated the idea, but by the end of the conversation we learned she would be interested in working with us if we could introduce her brand to women in their teens, 20s, 30s and even 40s. >> reporter: eventually dvf along with 500 other designers whose clothes are available for rent on the site, came around to the idea. since launching the unlimited service over a year ago, rent the runway say has seen his subscription business grow more than 125%. a bright spot at a tumultuous time for retail. >> retail is currently in a panic state. no one really knows what's going
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to happen or how many stores are going to close tomorrow. >> reporter: last year nearly 7,000 stores closed in the u.s., the most in recent history with major retailers like macy's, jcpenney and gap shuttering locations across the country. >> we have too many shops and not enough shoppers. >> reporter: to lure those a sl have emerged. >> at trump club we make sense of style. >> reporter: companies like trunk club and stitch fix active personal stylists delivering curated outfits for purchase directly to your door. many big name retailers are also trying to reinvent themselves. some like ann taylor even offering rental services of their own. rent the runway is expanding, rolling out a new lower cost subscription option where for $89 customers can rent four items a month and opening physical stores with stylists on hand. >> everyone in this store is here to rent as opposed to
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buying mg. that just alone is a very different concept for a store. we want everything to feel like this is your dream closet. >> reporter: which brings us back to rachel. >> i just got out of an investor meeting, and now i'm going to go to rent the runway store. i want to return these two and swap them out. >> reporter: rachel treats the store like her own closet. after she's worn the clothes, she can drop them here or pop them back in the mail where they end up back here. >> so i wanted to take you through the life cycle of a piece of inventory. >> reporter: jennifer hyman giving "nightline" a look inside her facility in secaucus, new jersey, where you'll find the world's largest dry cleaner and rack after rack of designer clothes. >> starting at 5:00 in the morning we start to receive customer returns from all over the country. we're figuring out if there's any damage. if there is damage, we can expedite it right over to repairs. if there's no damage, we're
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scanning in every single unit of inventory and further prioritizing it. >> reporter: it's an in depth process. >> right here, this is dry cleaning. and what's happening right here is spotting. >> they're creating a new recipe based on what the stain is, to restore the garment to perfect use. >> reporter: next stop, a ride through the steam tunnel. >> to me this is just pure magic, where everything is getting lined up, ready to go into the steam tunnel. >> reporter: and then on to quality control. >> we will check it for rips. you see that we're smelling it. we're wanting to make sure that it's absolutely clean. >> reporter: every rent the runway subscription includes the cost of dry clean kg and shipping. >> the units are placed on the trolley and we send the troller down to the auto bagger. this is the finish line. this has already been packed. this garment bag is now being
12:59 am
sent to a truck to go out this evening to get to a customer tomorrow. >> reporter: but jennifer says this is all just the beginning of clothing on demand. where do you see all of this going? what is the future vision? >> you wake up in the morning, you put on a pot of coffee, you go on our app, you tap here's what you want to wear today and it's delivered to you within a half hour. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis in new york. next, should auld performance be forgot. how mariah carey received a redemption for last year. abc news "nightline" brought to you by red lobster. you won't believe how much is new at red lobster... ...that is, until you taste our new menu. discover more ways to enjoy seafood with new tasting plates small plates, with big flavor- like yucatan shrimp covered in chili-lime butter and caramelized pineapple.
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and finally tonight, mariah carey singing in the new year last night, but something was missing. >> it is mariah carey. >> it was redemption of sorts. braving frigid temperatures, mimi made her triumphant return
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to "dick clark's rockin' new year's eve." this year, singing some of her hit songs, though she did have one request. >> happy new year. if they'll let me, they told me there'd be tea. oh, it's a disaster. just brought me down. >> reporter: her performance from last year still lives on in infamy. >> all right. >> reporter: after reps for the singer said her earpiece wasn't working. >> amazing. ♪ when a hero comes along >> reporter: but this year she returned as only she can. ♪ happy new year >> reporter: and in the end, she even found her tea. good for her. it was the late ella fitzgeral


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